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Full Circle Candles

Peach Soy Candle

Peach Soy Candle

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This candle is hard to keep around as in it sells super fast! One of our most popular scents. Customers ask how we "squeezed" a peach into a jar. Great all year round to burn! 

Peaches are our favorite fruit so this candle just celebrates it to the fullest. Clean, crisp, summer sweetness.  

This candle was one of the winners in craft category in the 2015 Peach Contest at Chattanooga Market and featured on television for the Chattanooga Peach Festival. 

All of Full Circle Candles are made with 100% renewable soy wax and eco wicks (lead free). Many scents infused with essential oils. All scents are GMO, Phthalate and Animal Cruelty Free. Each is handmade for you out of Tennessee. All candles smell all the way down to the last burn. 

3 sizes available

16oz (double wick): Burn time: 90 Hours Plus 

 8oz : Burn time: 40 Hours

 3oz Wax Melt: 1 Week to 2 Weeks 


Soy wax is clean burning and eco friendly – no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants like normal paraffin based candles which means it is less likely to trigger allergies and health issues. A much better candle for you compated to store-bought petroluem based candles. 

Our candles are 100% natural. Made from our Earth's natural resources. Soy wax also burns up to twice as long as paraffin wax which means you get more for your money.

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