Sage | Dreamcatcher

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So relaxing and full of essential oils for you. Named from the Native American story of the Dreamcatcher that catches the negative energy and sends you positive dreams when deep asleep. Hence the calming and grounding energy of Sage with a touch of lavender.  

All of our candles are made with 100% Soy Wax, are dye-free and have eco-wicks Many of the scents are infused with essential oils and all fragrances are Phthalate (found in plastics) and Animal Cruelty Free. Each is handmade for you out of Monteagle,Tennessee. All candles smell all the way down to the last burn. The 8oz candle burns for approx 40 hours, 11 oz approx 55 hours, 16oz and 3 Wick approx 80 plus hours.