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Summer Zoom Classes - Handmade Youth Entrepreneur Program

Summer Zoom Classes - Handmade Youth Entrepreneur Program

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After much consideration we are moving summer camp to online summer classes starting End of May. We will be dabbling in making new kinds of household products, art and crafts but also expanding into some creative writing, mixed media art, baking, cultural crafts and more. Of course we will be having fun making homemade paint, Play Doh and one of the favorites - SLIME!


Also, in summer we will be having a Zoom Scavenger Hunt and a Zoom Talent Show (probably different day then classes) where kids can feature their poetry, stories, drawing, paintings, dancing, musical talents and more! 

We hope to create a summer fun packed with lots of fun and activities just like our camps. Parents are welcome to be involved and join in on weekly activities and also in the talent show!


We will be providing weekly kits (picked up on Thursdays) to the kids with most supplies they will need. We will also be providing a list of household items they might need, such as measuring cups, bowls, markers, glue or scissors for projects. They will need use of a home microwave to melt wax for some projects.

Our current classes have been forming their companies and planning a craft fair selling what they have made to help raise money for The Elephant Sanctuary in TN. Unfortunately, we had to postpone it. Our online classes will continue developing  for this theme and hoping by August or fall we can achieve a craft fair. This is all TBD at the moment. Online is an option too. We are working on all possible ideas. 

These classes are geared for ages 6 through teen. Classes begin on Friday May 29th starting at 10am. $12 a class. Register for all 10 classes - $100. If you need to pay weekly we ask you pay 1.5 weeks ahead of time so we can get supplies in for the kits. 

Please Note: Some Fridays we may go a little longer (no extra charge) depending on our activities. Class will run approx 2 hours every Friday.