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Handmade Creations Class and Entrepreneurial Program for Kids

Handmade Creations Class and Entrepreneurial Program for Kids

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Monteagle, TN - Classes held at Hallelujah Pottery/Full Circle Candles. Every Friday from 4 - 5:30 pm. Ages 6 and up. Starts on Jan 31st. Only a few spots remain. 

This is going to be a great adventure. Class will make handmade crafts and art with an eco-friendly theme for 10 weeks. Exploring projects like homemade toothpaste, laundry detergent, organic pet products, healing salves, vapor rubs, and much more. Children will also form groups, developing their own companies, logo's (even business cards!). They also will make enough product to bring items home and sell some they made at the craft fair held at the end of the 10 weeks for our local community, They will experience the celebration of selling what they made and also learning to give back. It is a wonderful self-esteem builder.

The craft fair in April, celebrating Earth Day month, will be giving back to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, in which they will be educated about the elephants as we go along.

There will also be opportunity to place items in our store for a new Children's Entrepreneurial section!

$12.00 per class or pay ahead discount for $110 for 10 weeks of classes - all supplies will be provided. Limited spots available so register now! Students are also welcome to come on in (if they miss a class or feel to do more) on a Saturday, while store opened, to keep working in the studio on a project.

We only ask for a strong commitment as they will be working and learning together in groups to prepare for the craft fair. It is a great experience for all!