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Full Circle Candles

Lotion Candle with Coconut Wax

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We have worked hard on this formula and have come up with a wonderful spa candle...moisturizing and smooth on the skin. This candles is made predominantly with coconut wax and a little soy wax mixed in. Infused in the formula is Rose hip oil and Vitamin E oil which nourishes the skin. Feels so smooth and silky on skin. A little of the wax goes a long way too. Long lasting.

We chose some of most popular scents that smell divine for a lotion themed candle. Choose what you would like.

Directions: Light candle and allow to burn until there is a pool of wax evenly melted across top of container then, when ready, gently blow out flame. Test melted wax temperature with finger then Take a small amount with finger and place oil into your hand, Apply to skin for a massage or moisturize a needed area like feet or hands. With our Breathe Easy version, peppermint and eucalyptus blend, you can put on hands and breathe in to help clear our your senses and or rub on chest to help breathing at night if you are stuffed up. Or pick our Lavender essential/fragrance oil blend to help with sleeping.

The oil will melt just above body temperature, it should feel warm, not too hot.

All of Full Circle Candles are made with 100% renewable soy wax (we use also coconut wax and beeswax in other candles) and eco wicks (lead free). Many scents infused with essential oils. All scents are GMO, Phthalate and Animal Cruelty Free. Also our scents are carcinogen free! Each is handmade for you out of Tennessee. All candles smell all the way down to the last burn.