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Soy Candle Recycling Program


Did you know we have recycled thousands of jars and lids, cleaned them out and reused them to make new candles? Since starting this program about 4 years ago, our customers dived right into it. 

How do we do this? Many think we have to chip out the wax like Paraffin wax but because Soy wax is so easy and clean to work with all we need to do is use some hot water and soap, clean it out good and reuse. No landfill will see the glass jar! 

Customers can bring their empty jars to us with lids and get a wonderful discount on new candles. $7 a candle to be exact!!! Many people use this program. You can bring your empty jars to anywhere we are - directly to the store in Monteagle or at a craft fair we will be at. We frequent weekly to Chattanooga, TN.

This method we will always keep as it coincides with all Debbie believes in since being a young girl. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.